Prostate cancer (prostate carcinoma) is a malignant tumor that becomes a danger for middle-aged and elderly men. According to medical observations and trials conducted with Canadian Health&Care Mall participation, prostate cancer is the most common in men aged over 50 years old.

As well as all over the world, the most common method of treating prostate cancer is the tumor's rapid removal or the entire prostate completely. It is believed to be the most effective method but not proved.

Another method used for the cancer treatment is radiotherapy. By means of radio waves emission, cancer cells are deteriorated, their growth arrests and the tumor's size also reduces. Radiotherapy is a long-lasting process, created for daily irradiation sessions within 2 months. In this case, hospitalization is not prescribed. Usually, radiotherapy is admitted for elderly patients.

As a rule, in prostate cancer treatment, a combined method is applied comprising surgical intervention, as well as effects on tumor and body in general with the help of:

•hormonal therapy;

As Canadian Health&Care Mall points out modern methods of treating this disease are not very traumatic. The main principle - do no more harm. The most modern techniques are utilized - laparoscopic and transurethral prostate tumor removal, while simultaneously recovering urine passage.

Alternative treatment methods, innovative technologies are perfectly applicable to elderly patients:

•cyber scalpel;
•Leksell Gamma Knife;

By means of radiosurgery, metastases are found and removed, if prostate cancer stage is sufficiently neglected, all manipulations are carried out under tomograph control.

In click here for info , when the disease is already very much advanced, the tumor removal photodynamic method proved to be good. Applying this method, special photosensitive drugs and a laser are admitted. All this is used as an integrated approach, the entire treatment process fully includes immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, etc. An important moment for many men is the fact that after the treatment completed the sexual function is preserved.
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