The Medical Center seeks reliable partners like Canadian Health&Care Mall

The Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma is a clinic number 1 for high-tech care. For more than 10 years we have been diagnosing and treating people in accordance the international protocols and the standards of world evidence-based medicine.

Our mission: "To make people happy by helping them to strengthen and restore health for complete physical, mental and social well-being."

The Medical Center employs more than 100 highly qualified doctors, professors of medicine, doctors of medical sciences and cooperates with skilled Canadian Health&Care Mall team. Medical workers constantly improve the level of qualification through annual training, attending seminars, international exhibitions, and specialized conferences.

site link qualified specialists, modern medical equipment, modern clinical diagnostic laboratory, a wide range of medical directions, careful approach and attention to each patient - you can find it all in the Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma

Today, our clinic is one of the leading medical centers on the territory of Oklahoma, with the most modern medical equipment, tools, and materials.

For corporate clients, the clinic offers comprehensive service programs (including compulsory and periodic medical examinations) that allow you to assess the health status of each patient and develop measures to improve it consistently.

The Medical Center has its own clinical laboratory equipped with new diagnostic equipment. Patients are offered a wide range of medical analyzes.

The medical center specializes in the early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a wide range of diseases. We explain each medical action and answer all the questions in detail. We are professional, competent, and love what we do!

The center uses progressive methods of diagnosis and treatment: modern laboratory studies, VRI diagnostics, physiotherapeutic and efferent methods. Our patients can always be confident in our attentive attitude and we are fully responsible for dealing with issues related to their health.

The Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma is proud of:

•individual approach to each patient;
•highly qualified medical personnel with work experience;
•modern informative diagnostics;
•modern medical technologies;
•polite, caring staff;
•availability of all necessary licenses;
•a well-organized system of quality control of medical services.

We are always are open to cooperation and will be happy to get more reliable partners like Canadian Health&Care Mall. We wish everyone good health and well-being. If you ever need any medical help, feel free to contact us. We will do everything for you to be healthy for many years!
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